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We are an Alaska Mortgage Company.  If  you need  a new home mortgage or  you need to refinance your mortgage, our licensed mortgage brokers will help you with your needs.   When you apply online or over the phone, we will help you find the best interest rates on a home loan or the best mortgage programs in Alaska to suit your needs. We can also discuss how to best refinance your mortgage.

Looking for a home to buy? Well, you have come to the right place. We have been lending and servicing loans here for over 10 years, with financing from Zero down Home Loans all the way to constructions loans. We offer major debt consolidation loans for refinancing your credit card debt, tax liens and student loans. With Loans for any type of credit curcumstance ( Sub-Prime fico's down to 500 to Alt-A Jumbo loans ) we have them all. As a direct lender here, we know the areas and markets, out knowledgeable loan officers will be able to guide you through the entire process and even help with financial planning for you at your request

We have the services and products that can help you cut through the hassle of buying your new home in Alaska. I know you will find the services offered here helpful. The loan programs are convenient and very competitive. It is our goal to help you cut through the clutter and noise in the loan marketplace. You can quickly and efficiently find a loan that meets your goals and fits your lifestyle.

As professionals in the mortgage lending industry, we have built our reputation on providing outstanding service for our clients. A large part of our business is made by customer referals. This means you can count on us to always look out for your best interests and keep you informed throughout every step of the lending process. It is our job and what we love to do. Please don't hesitate to call if you have any questions about the information you find here on our web site.

We are part of a lending network and participate with the wholesale divisions of  150+ lenders. We ofter services and programs that most mortgage companies do not sell or are not educationed enough to secure these programs for you.

You will find a lot of helpful information by following the links on our site to get you started if you are new to the loan process. At first taking out a mortgage may appear daunting, but once you break it down, it becomes straight foward. We start by assessing your current financial situation. We will then assess the market and shop around for the best product for your needs. Once we find the most competitive rates that meet your approval, you can then get pre-approved by the lender. After that it is a matter of organizing your paper work for submission to the lender. Before you know it, you will be a new home owner and living out your dreams in Alaska.

We have cut out the middle man and large corporate overhead to bring you the best possible rates and lowest fees. Other brokers simply can not compete. When you give us a call, you will find our loan officers are friendly and knowledge. If you have any questions please call now .

We have several types of mortgages available: Conventional Loans, VA Loans, and more. Please give is a call or fill out our online Inquiry form to have a consultant go over options and goals.

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